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Marriage CounselingMarriage not quite what you were expecting when you said “I do”?

Unfortunately, this is the experience of a lot of spouses, whether they be newlyweds, transitioning to parenthood, raising teens, empty-nesters, or any other stage of life.  For many, marriage just didn’t seem to work out as well as they were expecting, and for a large percentage, the biggest areas of discontent are those that are the most difficult to talk about.

You’ve probably heard that marriage is hard work, but no one actually told you how to do the work.  Or maybe you were told to “wait until your married” for sex, but no one told you what to do if you waited … and then sex wasn’t the amazing experience you expected.  Or maybe sex is awesome … when it happens, which is rarely.  Or maybe you were told that communication is the key to a successful marriage … but every time you try, it ends up in a fight.

People start looking for help in these, and many other situations.  I created Anonymous Marriage Coaching to help those couples, or individual spouses, who are struggling with some of the more difficult topics of marriage, and had no one they trusted, or felt comfortable with, to turn to.

What is marriage coaching?

Marriage coaching is a co-creative partnering between you, as a couple, and me, your coach.  We’ll work together, for a time, to achieve specific goals, set out by you.  My job, as your coach, is to help draw out from you both what your combined goals are for your marriage, to help you assess the current reality in your marriage, to help you plan steps and give you options to close the gap between your current reality and your goals, and then to keep you accountable to meeting your goals while bringing you resources, tools, tips and an outside perspective to help you succeed in those goals, to help bring your marriage to the next level, whatever that means for you.

Marriage coaching is not counseling nor therapy.  We are working from the assumption that you are healthy, stable individuals whose marriage isn’t broken, so much as it just needs a little help getting past an obstacle, or out of a rut, or you just need to enhance a marriage skill, like communication.  There is no judgement, no condemnation, and I have seen or heard of just about every hurdle in marriage through my blog. At every point, my goal will be to set you up to have the best chance to succeed, to grow into the marriage I know God wants you to have.

Interested in more information about marriage coaching?

Want more information about the differences between marriage coaching and marriage counseling? Each have their place, and it’s important to know which your marriage needs.

Everyone has hurdles in their marriage at one point or another.  Most of us aren’t born with expert communication, or raised being taught about the finer points of married sexuality, and despite the Bible’s assurances that sex is a good, godly activity for a married couple to participate in, it can be daunting to go to someone in your community for help.  It can be frightening just to consider sitting in front of someone, even your spouse, and talk about sex.

The goal at Anonymous Marriage Coaching is to create a safe virtual space for couples, or individual spouses if necessary, to come and discuss, share their struggles, and work together to find solutions.  All communication can be handled through email or over Skype if that is preferred.

Interested in knowing more?

There are three options for taking your next step:

1-largeCheck out the Frequency Asked Questions to get some more information before deciding if marriage coaching is right for you.
2-largeFill out the Contact Request Form and I will contact you as soon as I am able.
2-largeIf you want to move forward, you can jump straight to our Marriage Self-Assessment.

Whichever way you decide to proceed, there is no obligation for these next steps. An initial conversation (over email or Skype) costs you nothing but a bit of your time investing in your marriage. If you decide marriage coaching is not right for you at this time, no problem, I’ll be here when you’re ready.

Jay Dee
Christian Marriage Coach
I can honestly say I learnt more reading [one] email than in numerous sex therapy sessions.